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  1. Only students successfully registered in any programmes conducted by the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) and any members of the university may apply for accommodation in UNIVILLAGE (“the Residence”). Visiting family members of UNIVILLAGE tenants and any other persons that are accepted by UNIVILLAGE MANAGEMENT (“the Manager”) may apply for short stay (less than three months) with the Residence.

  2. The application form must be completed accurately to facilitate processing by the Manager.

  3. The Manager reserves the right to reject any incomplete application form.

  4. All applicants are required to sign tenancy agreement with the Manager based on the approved length of stay and agree to abide to the “House Rules” of UNIVILLAGE at all times, which are detailed in the Accommodation Handbook.

  5. Applicants are required to pay a booking deposit as mentioned herein upon submitting the accommodation application form, failing which the Manager shall have the right to refuse the application.

  6. Room booking via this application form and payment of deposit are considered as provisional until a tenancy agreement is signed by the applicant and the Manager and both parties shall subject to the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. Take note that unless officially notified, this payment of deposit does not guarantee confirmation of the selected accommodation.

  7. The Manager reserves the right to refuse any room booking application without giving any reason.

  8. Rooms are allocated based on UNIVILLAGE’s allocation policy. The Manager reserves the right to re-allocate room to the applicant at its absolute discretion before handling over keys and execution of any tenancy agreement between the applicant and the Manager.

  9. In the event the applicant decides to cancel or postpone the booking at any time prior to the execution of the tenancy agreement, the Manager shall be entitled without prejudice to any rights to which the Manager is entitled under the law and equity, to forfeit the deposit and all monies paid by the applicant.

  10. In the event the applicant decides to terminate the lease prematurely after execution of tenancy agreement with the Manager, the Manager shall be entitled without prejudice to any rights to which the Manager is entitled under the law and equity, to forfeit the deposit and all monies paid by the applicant and/or to demand the payment for the revised rental amount based on the actual length of stay and the prevailing room leasing package(s) offered by the Manager.

  11. All bookings made are NOT transferable.

  12. All rental rates may be subject to change without prior notice.

  13. All rental, facilities and service subscription fees must be paid in full by the due date based on the billing schedule and policy determined by the Manager, i.e. on the first day of calendar month in every three-month interval or in full upfront upon check-in, failing which a late payment fees will be imposed from the invoice date to the date of full settlement. The policy is subject to change from time to time in the Manager’s sole discretion.

  14. Upon confirmation of the availability of rooms, applicants are required to pay and settle in full the Check-In bill amount, i.e. the first periodic rental and facilities fees billing before or upon check in, failing which the reservation/ booking shall be deemed cancelled and the deposit and all monies paid earlier shall be forfeited.

  15. All refundable amount under the conditions herein shall be claimed by the applicant within one (1) month from the check-out date with submission of completed form(s) and supporting documents to the Manager, failing which UNIVILLAGE MANAGEMENT SDN BHD shall be entitled to transfer the said money into a separate account/fund to be applied for whatsoever purposes deemed fit by them. Henceforth the applicant shall have no further claim in respect of such money.

  16. These terms and conditions may be cited as the accommodation policy, and it forms part of the residential Tenancy Agreement signed between the tenants and Univillage Management Sdn Bhd.

  17. All the terms and conditions set out herein are subject to change at any time in the Manager’s sole discretion without any prior notice to the applicant(s)/ tenant(s).

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